From the recording Backflip

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From Arigon Starr's CD "Backflip"


He lived through boarding school
His knowledge was a tool
He kept his old ways
Never needed praise

He served in World War II
Prayers got him through
He shared all he learned
I won’t forget his words

“The eagle flies high
So can I.”

Her family left the state
They chose to relocate
Right then she made a pact
She promised to go back

Her life is beyond belief
She became a Cherokee Chief
Her life has made her wise
I saw it in her eyes

The eagle flies high
So can I

You think you’ve got time to kill
Well, the world will not stand still
Pick yourself up and let’s get going

It’s tough to believe
You have the answers that you need
The old ones will stand by
All you gotta do is try

The eagle flies high
So can I

The eagle flies high
So can I

High, High High…..