1. Share The Road

From the recording Backflip

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From Arigon Starr's CD "Backflip"


I caught myself dreaming of a day we stood together
We were joining all our hands
And then we cried

Thanking all of those who went before us
Sacrificed and adored us
They made sure we would survive

We tore our CDIB cards into a million pieces
Then we took back all our land
And here we thrived

No more BIA, no welfare checks, no broken treaties
We will make a stand
And stay alive

Will you come with me?
Let’s share the road awhile
Will you come with me?
It’s only a few more miles

We’ve come so far it’s foolish to go back
And live in misery
This is not the time to be shy

With Red Cloud, Kennekuk and Sequoyah here to guide us
We’ll keep going to the end
We’ll fly

This darkness can’t go on
Let’s walk into the sun