From the recording Backflip

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From Arigon Starr's CD "Backflip"


My last night in Oklahoma
I held your hand then said goodbye
Your words in my ears
I held back the tears
Wondering where I’d finally cry

Driving out to California
Still see you dancing in my mind
I wonder when
I’ll see you again
Somewhere down the road by and by

The road’s my home
The road’s my home

Spent some time in Albuquerque
Sang at a big gathering there
Saw your head bowed
Way back in the crowd
I really tried not to stare

Saw you again up in Denver
Your body moved with strength and grace
I held your hand once more
Then I walked out the door
I’m bound to move from place to place


Can’t stay in one place and pretend
This highway I’m on has no end
No end