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From the recording Backflip

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From Arigon Starr's CD "Backflip"


Man, it was dark that night
Turned on my radio
What did the DJ say?
Guess I’ll never know

That song rolled around my head
It seeped into my soul
That song knocked me back
I knew I had to go

I ran for my car
I knew I had to drive
A hundred miles or so
To Station 105

I banged on the door
Screamed at the DJ
“What was the name of that song?
Who was that anyway?”

Play it one more time

As the door opened I saw
A Keith Richards look-alike
He said, “Yeh, that’s me
Behind the DJ mike.”

He took me into the booth
He showed me the cart
A brand new pop single by
Miss Arigon Starr