From the recording The Red Road

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From the Arigon Starr CD "The Red Road (Original Cast Recording)"


Truckin’ all through the night can be lonely
Especially when you’re an Indian Okie
People stare at his long hair and braids
His ribbon shirt, his faded jeans and shades

He calls his rig “The Oklahoma Eagle”
Hauling loads, then working for the People
Sweetgrass, sage and family fill his head
He’ll live the Stomp Dance life until he’s dead

The Red Road fills his soul
And he can carry any load you need
You need
He’s an Indian loving life and liberty

He learned the trade from his daddy long ago
He’s not the only Indian on the road
Ponca friends are on CB right now
Let’s have ourselves a truckin’ pow-wow!


At the old café
You listen to him say to you
You don’t know what difference
You can make

As the trucks roll by
See the wisdom in his eye
Living right is something
You can’t fake

CHORUS (Twice)

He’s an Indian loving life and liberty
He’s an Indian loving life and liberty!