1. Come On In

From the recording The Red Road

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From the Arigon Starr CD "The Red Road (Original Cast Recording)"


I was always searchin’
For a place to be
Wanderin’ and hopin’
Now I finally see
The home that I was missing
Was the place where I came from
Now I belong
And sing this song

Come on in
Don’t shed a tear
Come on in
Your friends are here
Come on in
It’s plain to see
You’re just like me

Come on in
And sit awhile
Come on in
We’ll make you smile
Come on in
You’re family
Just like me
Just like me

You might be a young’un
Or well past your prime
We all got things in common
That you can’t deny
So if you’re hurt and lonely
Or you feel dissatisfied
Now don’t you cry
And don’t be shy