1. Indian Eyes

From the recording The Red Road

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From the Arigon Starr CD "The Red Road (Original Cast Recording)"


I want to see America
Through Indian eyes
Indian eyes

I want to sneer and stare at ya
Through Indian eyes
Indian eyes

I’m tired of being me
I wanna be one of you
Living in a big tee-pee
And I’m Sioux, Sioux, Sioux!
Sioux, Sioux, Sioux!

I want to my life to be

Living wild, living free

I’m as strong as the Buffalo
Any Indian can see
Cheyenne or Arapaho
You’ll want me, me, me!
Me, Me, Me!

I want to see the world
Through Indian Eyes
Indian Eyes

I want to be like Merle!
With Indian Eyes
Indian Eyes!