1. Choctaw Blues

From the recording The Red Road

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From the Arigon Starr CD "The Red Road (Original Cast Recording)"


Been workin’ the counter since 4 a.m.
Those starvin’ truckers keep comin’ in
Bill, who’s the new kid you got with you
With the Dixie hat and mouth full of chew?
He’s a new driver and he’s awful green
Just talk to him some you’ll see what I mean

I said, “I’m Patty and this here’s my place!”
Then he got this shifty look on his face
He said “My boss is an Indian
He’s a real loser – glad I’m not him
Every single Indian he knows
Is a drunkard, a liar or out of dough

I said, “What do you think about that y’all?”
This kid’s never met a Choctaw
What do you bet his Grandma
Looked a lot like me
Still looks a lot like me

His eyes got wide and he started to steam
I’m a white boy, I don’t dance and scream
Bill sat beside him and said, “Young man You don’t know nothin’ about Indians.”
Our traditions are strong and have a place
In this modern world – in this human race

He said, What do you think about that y’all?
This kid finally met a Choctaw
What do you bet his Grandpa
Looks a lot like me
Looks a lot like me