1. The Menu Song

From the recording The Red Road

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From the Arigon Starr CD "The Red Road (Original Cast Recording)"


Biscuits and gravy
Cornbread and beans
Pancakes with syrup
Hamhocks and greens

Milkshakes and hot dogs
Hot, smothered grits
Navajo Tacos
With crisp bacon bits

We don’t just serve ‘em
They come with a smile
The All Nations Café
Is well worth your while


Chicken fried steak
And cheeseburgers, too
There might be mutton
In the Big Mountain Stew
There’s daily specials
Like Shiprock Surprise
Or Chinle Corn Chili
And Okie Fried Pies

Indians and truckers
Come follow the signs
The All Nations Café
Where Sapulpa dines